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Measuring Up

Discover the secrets to getting accurate measurements with minimum fuss…installation

Measuring up for your window furnishings should be the first and the most important step you make. Get this wrong and it could be costly.

Here’s some tips for accurate window measurements…

  1. Always use a retractable tape measure (the ones you buy from the hardware store) to give you accurate measurements.
  2. When measuring inside the window recess, take 1 cm off the width to allow for track or rod to easily fit inside.
  3. When measuring the drop (length of the curtain/blind from track down) take 1cm off overall drop to give the best fall.
  4. When measuring outside the window recess, remember to measure width of frame and add 20cm which will allow 10cm on each end for curtains to stack back when opened. The track or rod should be installed 10cm above your window. Please note: It is not recommended to install on the window frame (architrave) As this is not structural, it is just a finishing edge for your window, to do so would be at your own risk.
  5. To measure the hook drop, measure from the hole in the runner to required length. If curtains are floor length then deduct 1.5 cm for floor clearance.
  6. For the overall drop of your curtains, measure from the hole in the runner to the top of the track for a standard track. For decorator rods and other rods with rings measure from the hole in the runner to the underneath the ring or rod then add this to your hook drop.
  7. When measuring for a conduit rod, (normally used for sheers 1.6cm diameter). Measuring from the top of rod to the required length gives you a rod drop and if you add 2cm to the rod drop measurement, you’ll get your overall drop (this is industry standard can be changed to suit your furnishings.)
  8. For more detailed instructions, please download our measuring-instructions